The African Sambistas Logo

The African Sambistas Constitution 2019.docx
Date: 10th January 2019


The African Sambistas are a not for profit community organisation with the following aims:

  • To operate as an open access community group with the purpose of introducing and training people in Afro-Brazilian percussion and dance.
  • To do this via:
    • Weekly classes.
    • Performing at events throughout the year.
  • Income is raised primarily from:
    • Class fees.
    • Workshop fees.
    • Performance fees.
  • Income is used in the following ways:
    • Room hire.
    • To pay teachers.
    • To cover equipment renewal and maintenance.
    • Liability insurance.
    • Costs related to costumes, equipment, stationary, banners, website hosting and promotion.
    • Drum transportation costs.
    • Any excess after building reserves is to be used for the benefit of the members of the organisation. This could be via food and drink, travel expenses, social events, tickets to events etc.


  • Rachel De Garang: Founder and chairperson.
  • Lucy Burkin: treasurer.
  • Tom Stickland: secretary.