Who’s who

Here’s the main people currently behind The Sambistas. There are people missing from here who have supported us over the last few years and whom we thank. Our regular drummers and dancers have performed on cold and rainy days, honouring their commitment to perform. We thank everyone who has contributed, we know who you are.



Jordan Packham

Samba drum teacher BristolJordan is our super enthusiastic and talented drum director and teacher. You’ll never stress him out, he’ll always give 100% once he’s there.






Libby Farrow

Libby Farrow dance teacher

Libby is our dance director and teacher. You’ll find her at classes, workshops and performances with her boundless enthusiasm for dancing and getting the crowd going. Libby is good at improvising and invented some great stories for our festival theme which entertained the adults as much or maybe more than the children.



Lucy Lu

Lucy SambistaLucy manages the group, taking on the role in October 2017. Lucy was a dancer and then converted to the dark side after a foot injury and can usually be seen on the surdos (bass drums) or shaker.

Adam Landowski

Adam started with us in 2018 and plays the surdos. He’s responsible for keeping track of who’s paid at classes, a really important job for us since we are self funded.







Tom Stickland

Tom sambistasTom used to co run the group with Lucy. He first joined as a drummer in 2014, left for a bit and then returned full time in 2015. Described as being “weird in a good way” he is always looking for ways a spreadsheet could improve things. Tom can occasionally be seen directing the band with his own unique interpretation of some of the signals. – Tom still joins us for various gigs and will often lead when Jordan is otherwise engaged 🙂




Rachel De Garang

Rachel De Garang, founder of the African SambistasRachel founded the African Sambistas in 2008 and actively ran the organisation until 2017. The name was shorted to “The Sambistas” in 2022.