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samba drumming workshop BristolNew members are welcome to join us every week. From October we’re doing more to help brand new members. We are holding a samba drumming workshop specifically for potential new members on Wednesday 3rd October 2019 and following it with a 10 week course to teach the fundamentals. There is more information on our Facebook event and our drum class page.

This is a drumming workshop intended for potential new members. No experience or musical knowledge is required. Come along and you’ll be introduced to the drums and shown some basic technique and taught some patterns so you can be up and playing quickly.

If you enjoy it then you are welcome to join our 10 week beginner’s course which starts the following week and runs on Wednesday evenings from 6.15 pm to 7 pm. As you progress you will be welcome to try our later class and, when you feel ready, perform with us at parties, carnivals and events throughout the year. If you already have previous experience of drumming then you are welcome to try our later class but the pace will be faster. We play Afro Brazilian style percussion pieces with dancers. If you would like to join our dance group then come along the following Wednesday from 7pm (9th October 2019).

Drums and ear plugs provided.

Book a place by contacting us. The session costs £5 which you can pay online or on the night in cash. You can also use MoveGB.

The 10 week course costs £50 for 10 sessions (£5 per class) or you can pay in two installments of £30 (5 classes per payment, £6 per class).

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