Bristol Dance classes

Bristol samba dance classClasses are listed on our google calendar and Facebook page.

Join us for our weekly African Samba fusion dance classes. Beginners and improvers are welcome and encouraged to attend. We promise funky moves to infectious grooves!!  Come for exercise, come to learn, come for a laugh……just come!

Improve fitness, stamina, dance technique, and self-confidence to a stupendous soundtrack of live samba drumming.

If you enjoy it and want to take it a step further, you can join the African Sambistas performance group and rehearse with us for events and festivals. Performing is not compulsory, and there is no pressure to do so, but if you fancy it, we will be learning routines alongside the drummers for both static and processional performances.

Class dates

Generally 10 week terms in winter, summer and autumn. Check the calendar and Facebook page for dates.


Libby Farrow dance teacher


  • Arrive at 7.30pm for the dance class.
  • 7.40-8.40pm Dance class in the upper room with recorded music.
  • 8.50-9.10pm Dance to live drumming.


  • Google map.


  • Drop in £8
  • 10 week block £70
  • You can also book with MoveGB

Payment via cash or bank transfer (contact us for details).
To join midway through a term will be charged pro-rata on the number of weeks left.


We perform at festivals, street parties, carnivals and weddings throughout the year. Summer is usually the busiest time. For many of us performing is the highlight of being in the Sambistas and there are some perks in terms of food and drink and free tickets into events. We are keen to share that experience with new members. Performing is the most fun when you feel comfortable with the material. That is best achieved by coming to the classes each week. Performances page.