Bristol University drumming workshop

Samba drumming workshop with Bristol University.We were asked to provide a drumming workshop for 100 first year Bristol university students for the their field trip at Glastonbury. Our venue was the wonderful Glastonbury Town Hall which worked really well for this. The students split into three groups, one to look at Glastonbury Tor, another viewing the town and the third with us.  They rotated around so we held three sessions each of around 1.5 hours duration. The day went really well, with each group taking on the challenge or learning something completely new and having fun.

It was great to have positive feedback after the event:  “The workshop from African Sambistas was just incredible.  They accommodated 100 undergraduate students (we organised this as part of a University activity) and everybody absolutely loved them. The team was super organised, reliable and easy to communicate with.  The students absolutely loved the workshop, which really exceeded all our expectations – we will definitely call them again in the future! Thank you!

Camilla Morelli, Lecturer in Social Anthropology.”

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