Sambistas news Nov 2018

Bristol samba dance class
We’re back with some Bristol samba news. It’s been great to see so many dancers and drummers each week and we’re excited by the impact we’re going to make at performances. We’ve had a lot of enquiries from new people this week so we’re hoping we can continue to grow. Check this micro video from last week.
We are going to buy a few more bits of kit soon. Straps, sticks, strings and a few drums. We’ll continue to pay for food and drink and other freebies at various events.


The dates for the remaining dance and drum classes this term are
  • Weds 7th Nov – normal rehearsal
  • Weds 14th Nov – normal rehearsal. The first 20 minutes might be slightly different since Jordan and a few others will be off playing a 10 minute performance at Aztec West for a corporate event, finishing at 7pm so hopefully at Glenfrome for 7:30 pm. The classes will still start at 7:15pm.
  • Weds 21st Nov & Weds 28th Nov: Jordan is not available for these two sessions so Tom will be directing a drum rehearsal and giving some help if necessary in the first hour whilst the dance classes continue as normal. These 2 sessions are half price.
  • Weds 5th and 12th of Dec: no rehearsal.
  • Weds 19th Dec: final rehearsal of the year.



We have the following clothing for sale:

T-shirts – £7
Ladies style t-shirts – £8
Vests – £9/10ish
Hoody – zip £18
Hoody – no zip £16

Womad samba band 2018Thanks and keep doing everything!

Tom S on behalf of Tom L, Lucy, Jordan, Libby and Rachel.

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