Shambala samba

Samba band at Shambala festivalThe African Sambistas delivered some Shambala Samba to Shambala Festival 2017. We really enjoyed this. Festival crowds are usually good and Shambala is the sort of festival that really likes what we do. Shambala isn’t about endless mainstream acts though there are usually a few well known names, such as Sister Sledge in 2016.  It’s more about discovering new things or acts you might have heard of somewhere but never seen perform. As well as tens of stages and venues there’s a fair ground, big top, healing field and a lot of participation events and workshops. Tribe of Doris have a whole area dedicated to song, dance and music, much like their annual summer school which is held just down the road.

Everyone dresses up at Shambala. Anything goes but it’s best if it has sequins or glitter. Fruity Friday encourages everyone to ditch conventional gender roles and indulge in a bit of clothing freedom.

On the Friday afternoon we played a well received set at the Compass Presents stage. Neither the venue or us was quite sure what to expect. As it turned out we pulled a good crowd and really enjoyed doing what we do.

On Saturday we played in the Shambala Carnival parade. At a festival where everybody dresses up this is an opportunity for people to dress up a bit more.  We’ve seen some great costumes at this. Have a look for yourself in the  Shambala festival gallery. There were several groups in the parade including Bristol Samba and Afon Sistema and The Ambling Band

Our drum and bass groove at the end of parade.

The Ambling Band.

Ambient legend Mixmaster Morris

Festivals can be over stimulating and exhausting.  We spent a fair amount of time at our base camp. Hanging out together between events is often one of the best parts of a festival. We survived Womad 2015 together that way, the year of rain and mud.

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