St Paul’s Carnival 2019

Samba Band at St Paul's Carnival in Bristol.St Paul’s Carnival is an annual multi-cultural event held in the St Paul’s area of Bristol (Wikipedia, official website). The Saturday procession included the following percussion bands: Afon Sistema, Batala Bristol, Ilu Axe, Bristol Samba, Jamma De Samba (Bath) and ourselves. We were interspersed with sound system trucks, dance groups and dancers from 16 local schools.

Samba band at St Pauls BBC Points WestWe appeared on BBC Points West live at 1.40 pm on Friday 5th July to help promote the event. This was quite a short notice event for us and when we arrived we had 7 minutes before we were on air. It went really well for us.

On the actual day we arrived with the drums before 9am, joined the parade at midday and spent several hours out on the route. We reached the finish at about 4.30 pm. This is event is long, loud, hot, and bustling but the crowds make it worth it. We brought food and drink on our custom samba bike trailer to keep us going. A lady spraying water with a hose brought welcome relief towards the end of the parade.

African Sambistas at St Paul’s Carnival 2019

After lying on the floor and eating a lot of food we had a look round the madness on the streets and met up with a few other bands at 51 Stokes Croft. Thank you to our dancers, drummers and helpers for making this all happen on the day.

Video of whole parade at St Paul’s Carnival 2019

OFFICIAL Results St Pauls Carnival 2019

Children’s schools Winners

St Barnabas

Dolphin (with honourable mention to Whitehall)

Whitehall Primary

Youth and Adults
  1. Afon Sistema – 74
  2. Ilu Axe – 70
  3. Batala – 69


  1. Rise Youth Dance – 81
  2. Afon Sistema – 72
  3. UCOM – 71


  1. UCOM – 83
  2. Rise Youth Dance – 70
  3. Windrush – 69

Drumming Performance Cross Category

  1. Afon Sistema – 165
  2. African Sambistas – 132
  3. Bristol Samba – 106
Overall Performance Cross Category
  1. Afon Sistema – 165
  2. UCOM – 154
  3. Rise Youth Dance – 151



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