Time’s Up Women’s March Bristol 2018

We’ve played at a few protest marches over the years. We were invited to drum for the Time’s Up Women’s march in Bristol. Here’s an explanation of how the march came to happen written by the organiser, Dahl Leah.

The morning of the march dawned wet and cold. “Ideal weather for drumming” said no one ever including us this time. We pride ourselves on sticking to plans though so we packed the drums and set off for our meeting place in Castle park. There was a good sized crowd already gathered and it grew as the march progressed through Bristol city centre to College Green. The drums did get a bit damp and I spent a few days afterwards drying various parts off, particularly the drum sticks.

It was great to be appreciated: “thank you all for drumming for the march and getting completely soaked. Like I said, I know how hard it is to parade, especially in the rain, but you guys brought so much life and positivity to the march

Original Facebook event | Bristol post report with video | Blog post by Joanne Priest

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